You get my heart racing just the way you are….. in those skin tight jeans

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Wanna get high tonight? Pizza Hut now sells Marijuana!

So is it just me, or does anyone else find it hard to put down that bucket of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownies after just a few glorious bites? Turns out it’s not my fault, it’s my body’s!! (Yes for the sake of this argument I plead not guilty, and I’m countersuing  my stomach,  for assault in the first degree. assaulting my looks that is :P)

Research conducted by the University of California has concluded that the second something fatty touches your toungue, a signal is sent to your brain first and then to your upper gut that stimulates the release of endocannabinoids. As the name suggests, endocannabinoids, or endopot as I’m going to call it from here on, has a very similar effect to marijuana, which causes you to feel at ease, and, well… get the munchies. It’s a catch 22 really, you eat fat to get high, and getting high gets you to eat fat. Protiens and sugars have not shown the same effect.

The research says that from  an evolutionary point of view there has always been an imperative need in animals to ingest fats. Probably this is because they are available in such small quantities in nature but are vital for proper functioning of cells. But in present day human society, fats are available easily and the inner need to consume fatty foods results in dangers such as diabetes, obesity and cancer.

So there you have it, you want drugs? You want your children to get high? Just get a “Happy” meal from your nearest drug dealer, or McDonalds 🙂

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Does an apple a day keep the Dr. Away even if it’s not organic?

Organic food is something I’ve been hearing about A LOT lately, and it seems to be everywhere, from nuts & bananas to chicken. It seems like it’s a bandwagon that the rich and famous have jumped on, as well as some “experienced” personal trainers, who will publish a diet book that basically just says eat organic food *cough cough* Jillian Michaels, the angry women from The Biggest Loser *cough cough*. Here’s what you need to know, this is based on fruits and veg of course.

Cheaper version: 
Sprayed with chemical fertilizers to promote faster growth, pesticides to kill bacteria, herbicides to manage weeds, some vegetables are waxed to act as a preservative. The fruit or veg is likely to last longer in the fridge than the organic counterpart.

fertilized naturally with compost and manure, uses the natural food chain to eliminate pests and other animals, crop rotation is used to manage weeds and keep the soil fertile, no preservative is applied. Has shorter shelf life.

This is just a quick summary, all in all research has shown that the nutritional content of a fruit or veg and it’s organic counterpart are exactly the same, and all chemicals are way below the limits set by associations who monitor these things. Blind tastes have confirmed that organic food tends to taste better than the non organic counterpart. All in all organic food seems to be a premium, much like having a Ferrari or a Vauxhall Astra, they’ll both do the same job, but one looks better, feels better, and overall make you feel more satisfied with your life. If you can afford it, go for it, if not, you really aren’t missing out on that much! This only applies to fruits and veg, meats are a COMPLETELY different story.

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Carbs: They come in peace.

So as the name suggests, Carbohydrates are made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen, and are a very important source of energy for all living organisms. Thanks to Dr. Atkins and other “Quick Fix” diets, Carbs are the social equivalent of….. well…. apples, only eat them when there’s nothing else in the fridge. You’ve always heard it, Pasta makes you fat. Pizza is “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips”. Just get the Double Whopper with no fries, it’s healthier!!  Next time someone says carbs are unhealthy, make a slap bet with them, and then rub this post in their faces.

White Rice is a carb correct? It’s 80% carbs actually. Wouldn’t you agree the the main ingredient in all Oriental and Indian Cuisine is white rice? Isn’t the first thing you say when you first meet an Italian person is “Thanks for Pizza and pasta maaaaan” Please take a look here at the worlds thinnest countries here.


So to sum up Carbohydrates are not the reason people are fat. It’s all about portion control. I rest my case.


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HealthBeat: You might think that I’m crayzay, butchu know I’m just your type….

 Britney Spears has laid her voice over another stellar track produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin (the peeps behind Britney’s Hit me baby, Kelly clarkson, Katy Perry & Ke$ha just to mention a few). The song still somehow sounds good even when slowed down and stripped to a piano. Enjoy!

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MetabaBOOM!: Lookin’ for some Hotstuff baby I need it!

Capsaicin is the chemical in chilli peppers that contributes to their spiciness. It has no nutritious value to us or to plants, but is present in chilli and capsicum as a method of dettering herbivores and fungi. When you eat Capsaicin, it stimulates receptors found in sensory neurons, creating the heat sensation and subsequent reactions like redness and sweating.

The heat is created by altering the muscle protein SERCA. I won’t go into details about what goes on, but basically, the energy used to pump ions in the muscle is stopped, and all of it is burned off as heat, leading to thermogenesis, increasing your fat metabolism.

Burning Rubber,


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MetabaBOOM!: Take a Chilli Pill.

So the latest trend in “Diet” pills, which we all know don’t work (refer to my opinion on diet pills here) is chilli. Pretty much found in all the “metabolism boosting pills”. Lemme save you some cash. If you want their effects, eat some Indian food. Add Tabasco to your your salad. Put some chilli powder on your chicken breast. But here’s the thing.

Anyone who has read research articles knows that to really see the claimed 50% increase in fat metabolism after chilli consumption, you would have to eat more chilli than humanly possible. Eating normal amounts of chilli does not in any way harm you, and there will be a slight increase in fat metabolism, but don’t expect to be shedding 10’s of pounds by speed dialing your nearest Indian restaurant… And adding chilli to a meal is not an excuse to have buttered curries with fried chicken, kapiche?

For details one how Chilli boosts your metabolism, please refer to the post above.


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